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According to different materials and environment, the crane magnet will be Appropriate recommended and designed. Such Round type to Scrap, High Temperature Square Type for Billet, Several Magnet Synchronous to lift long materials such as: Bundled rebar, Coiled bar, Steel Pipe and Steel Plate. 


Circular crane magnet is suitable for transferring cast ingots, steel balls, metal and steel scraps.

The electromagnet can be fitted on excavator or crane.



The protection plate for coil adopts abrasion-resisting and shockproof rolling high-manganese steel.

The electromagnet is dealt with special technology, thus insulation grade can be up to Grade F.

Coils of magnets are made of Aluminum (flat aluminum wire covered by double spun glass) or cooper.

High lifting capacity, light self-weight.

Low power consumption, long service life.


Three types for option:

1. Normal temperature type (DC-220V TD-60%)

2. High frequency type (DC-220V TD-75%)

3. High temperature type (DC-220V TD-60)        



 Rectangular crane magnet

1.Special magnetic circuit design, the air gap flux density.Using aluminium wire coil, coil protection plate adopt wear-resisting performance is good,

2.strong shock resistance of copper high manganese Steel.

3.Insulating structure is reasonable.Insulation treatment using a vacuum drying, vacuum glue, improve the electrical properties and mechanical properties of wire coil.

4.Insulating materials heat resistance level of special grade C.

5.Usually adopts fixed voltage control method, if use strong excitation control system, the hoisting capacity may be further improved.

6.Advantage: Light weight, low energy consumption, 


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