Double Beam Bridge Crane

Double Beam Bridge Crane

Small Structures, Light Dead Weight and Mini Wheel Pressure; Easy for Installation, maintenance and transportation. All motor, gearbox and electric parts are top brands.

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European Double Beam Bridge Crane is composed of box type bridge frame, lifting trolley, crane traveling mechanism and electrical system. It employs fixed electric hoist, which is fitted on trolley frame as the hoisting mechanism. The structure, simple and convenient, features low entire height and light dead weight, so that it is applicable to operational sites of medium and small lifting load such as factories and mines, workshops.


European Double Beam Bridge Crane is of advanced technology, whose design is based on international standard: FEM (Europe), DIN (Germany), ISO(International), equipped with many advantages such as: strong rigidity, light dead weight, low power, outstanding structure design etc. Of top configurations, such as Schneider electricals, ABMrd / SEW/Siemens triple gear motor (three in one: motor, gear box, brake), galvanized high strength wire rope, self-adjusted disk brake, hard tooth reducer, programmable lifting limit switch, and so on


The European design Double Beam Bridge Crane are equip-ed with the European standard hoist Trolley or winch trolley, suitable for all kinds and environments factory and workshop. The feature of  European design hoist trolley: 

1. Small and compact structure design

2. Effectively saves the space and cost of workshop.  

3. Nice appreance, working smooth, less fault


The travelling Mechanism of Europan Bridge Crane are composed by gearmotor, wheel and girder box.  The European end beam adopts the direct drive design. The rectangular tube is finished with a series of production processes such as drilling, boring, tapping and milling ate one time through high-precision numerical  control equipment. 

The electric parts adopts inverter and PCL control Inverter and PLC Control to realiz the semi-automation or full automation, which could Less the errors and improve the reliability and safety. 



Further more, according to different usage, industry and demands, there are more Crane options:

1. General Single Girder Overhead Crane

2. European Single Girder Gantry Crane

3. Foundry Overhead Crane

4. European Double Girder Overhead Crane

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