Container Handling Gantry Crane

Container Handling Gantry Crane

High efficiency, make full use of yard, high automatic; Few fault, lower energy consumption, low cost; Wide span, can step astride 14 or more containers; With full Safety device OEM and ODM Acceptable

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Container Handling Gantry Crane are specialized yard container handling machines. The container Handling Gantry Crane traveling on rails to lift, transport and stack all size containers by container lifting spreader.  The container handling is a kind of high efficiency equipment, so both lifting and traveling mechanism of container handling gantry crane have high speed. Meanwhile, the intelligent design could improve the working efficiency of gantry crane. 

U type structure could make sure the container easily pass through the supporting leg to cantilever side. 

It's easy to know the real-time situation for the operater by the cabin under the trolley. 

These cranes are specifically designed for intensive container stacking due to its automation.



The Container handling Gantry Crane have following main features:

1. High efficiency, make full use of yard, high automatic;

2. Few fault, lower energy consumption, low cost;

3. Wide span, can step astride 14 or more containers;

4. U type structure could pass through containers and other wide materials between the supporting leg. 



Generally, the Gantry Crane power supply system are Cord Reel, the traveling rail could be rail or square bar. 

timg (3).jpg 


The Container Handling Gantry Crane have following main technical datas:

1. Capacity: 45t(Under the Spreader)

2. Span: 35m

3. Working Class: A6 (FEM 2m-3m)

4. Speed: 10m/min (Or as you demands)

5. Structure: Box Type.

6. Control Method: Cabin Control 



The Container handling Gantry Crane as special equipment, the safety should be put in the first place, so, we offer full set Safety Device for our crane.

For any demands or questions of gantry crane, please feel free to contact us. 

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