Double Lift Gantry Crane

Double Lift Gantry Crane

The Double Lift Gantry Crane is also called double trolley beam lifting gantry crane, double trolley truss type beam lifting Gantry Crane and double trolley type beam lifting Gantry Crane. The MEhd double-carriage beam-lifting machine has the double lifting point and the ability to lift large-size cargo in a single machine. It is designed by the beam-lifting Gantry Crane manufacturer for the precast beam or laying bridge for the beam-making field.

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Double Lift Gantry Crane description:

The  Double Lift Gantry Crane mainly consists of two sets of main and auxiliary trolleys. The two sets of lifting mechanisms are driven separately. The double trolleys can be operated separately and synchronously. The lifting mechanism can be lifted and lifted separately. The double trolley beam lifting Gantry Crane is a movable double hook and double lifting point lifting beam machine used for lifting a large bridge for one equipment. It is specially designed for erecting units of road bridges with high mobility at the construction project site.

 Double Lift Gantry Crane configuration:

Large car reducer, trolley reducer, cart running motor, trolley running motor, winch, wheel, hoisting motor, bearing, wire rope, brake, reel, remote control, cable, electrical appliance.


Double Lift Gantry Crane model specifications:

The type of  Double Lift Gantry Crane is double trolley; the shape of the beam lifting Gantry Crane has two kinds of box type beam lifting Gantry Crane and truss type.

Lifting Capacity: (common specifications) 2*60/10 tons, 2*70/15 tons, 2*80/20 tons, 2*90/20 tons, 2*100/30tons, 2*120/50 tons, 2*160/50 tons, 2*180 tons, 2*200 tons  can be customized;

Lifting height: 8-50m as demands

Span: 20-40m as demands


 Double Lift Gantry Crane parameters:

Take the MEhd type 80 ton (40T+40T), the span of 28 meters, and the lifting height of 9 meters double trolley girders as an example:

Working level: A3/M3; Car travel gauge: 28m

Speed of the cart: 7m/min Lifting speed of the lifting beam: 1.2m/min

Hanging beam running speed: 5m/min Overall power: 36KW

Adapt to the slope: ±1% Power: 380V

Big car running mode: four-wheel active car running mode: two-wheel active

Cart wheel: 8*400 trolley wheel: 4*350

Car quality: 3600kg Machine quality: 40523kg

Cantilever length: no fixed parameters can be customized (m); operation form: driver's cab, wireless remote control operation;

Applicable scope of beam lifting Gantry Crane: various road and bridge projects such as beam-making field, railway bridge, road bridge, subway project and viaduct construction;

Gantry CRANE for road building projects

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