Gantry Crane Project

Gantry Crane Project

With full safety device Heavy Duty and High Efficient Suitable for any environment Easy for Disassemble and Installation

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The gantry crane for project is mainly used in construction workshops such as roads, bridges, power plants, etc., for general loading and unloading and lifting and handling operations. The whole machine adopts truss structure, light weight, small wheel pressure and reliable performance. Mainly made of steel splicing, it is generally divided into single main beam and double main beam form. The hoisting mechanism is generally a hoist. According to its working characteristics, the lifting and running speed are slow, and the cost is low, which is suitable for construction.


According to the structures different, the project Gantry Crane could divided into Box type, Truss Type and Mix type. The truss type have features of light dead weight, good wind resistance and competitive price. The box type have features of long life span and small volume. The precast yard gantry crane should be choose by the usage and working environments.


Project use gantry crane features:

1. The Project use gantry crane is advanced in design, mature in technology, innovative in concept and complete.

2. The structure of Project use gantry crane is excellent, the design is scientific, and it is more trouble-free in transportation and installation process, saving time and cost;

3. The strength is high and the rigidity is excellent;

4. The operation is safe and reliable, and the stability is very excellent;

5. High efficiency;

6. The environmental requirements for erection are relatively low, and the scope of application is quite extensive;

7. High equipment safety is also a major reason for its popularity.

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Technical data of Gantry Crane for Project: 

Lifting capacity(t)5-50/1075/20-100/20125/32-250/50300/40-350/75400/80-450/80
Span(m)10.5-31.513.5-31.513-3117, 2221, 20.8
Crane travel 

Speed  (m/min)

Lifting speed   (m/min)Main hookA53.9-11.30.84-8.4
Aux hook4.78-15.6
Lifting Height (m)Main hook12,16,20,22,24,25,28,30,32
Aux hook14,16,18,22,26,30,32,33,40
Travesing speed (m/min)
Working classA5, A6, A7 (FEM 2m-4m)
Power380V 50Hz three-phase


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