Hydropower Gantry Crane

Hydropower Gantry Crane

High lift and heavy capacity Inverter and PLC Control, Full safety and protect device Stable and less fault

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QM Type hydropower station gantry crane is specialized in hydropower stations or plants which used to lifting and down the gates or clean garbage on upstream.  The gantry crane for hydropower can be divided into two kinds : unidirectional crane and bidirectional crane. The unidirectional hoist is fixed on the gantry frame. The Gantry runs along the track on the dam. And its service zone is a line, which can only be used to lift a gate of the same row, while the double direction gantry crane is with a trolley running perpendicular to the crane traveling. Thus, the double direction gantry crane can lift the floodgate or trash racks of different rows of upstream side and the downstream side.

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Hydropower Station Gantry Crane have following features:

1: It can stay at any height as your requirement

2: Precision Operation and safety

3: Beautiful appearance, can get through any place easily. Especially suitable for the environment which is limited by the working area clearance.

4: Select electric trolley assembly can realize trackless weight-bearing and greatly improve the work efficiency.


Hook: Plain bearing replace bearing to suitable for under water working, Shaft chorme plate to avoid rust

Electric Parts: Alimeter to monitor the lifting height, anemoscope to check the work condition, PLC for auto or semi auto control, VVVF control can get precision operation. 


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1.    Basic information required for quotation:

A: Lift capacity     B: Span     C: Lift height     D: Working class     E: Usage and working environments    F: Other requirements             The more detailed, the better!

2.    Packing and shipment

A. Main beam, end carriage and other Big Parts are packed by plastic woven cloth, 

B. Electric Parts, Hoist and other small parts are packed by strong plywood crate.

C. According to different size, we will choose Container, Flat Rack or ship in Bulk to save cost and protect the goods.

D. Delivery port, Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin for choice

3.    Installation

A: We  offer Installation and use manual, customer can install as the manual.

B: We could send our engineers for installation, commissioning and training at site.

C: Our copperated partner at local market can offer fast service. 

4.    Warranty

A.  15months warranty

B.  Free Spare Parts ship together with goods.

C.  Parts will offer in free during warranty. 



Further more, for hydro power station we have following more product:

1. Overhead Crane for Stator installation and maintenance.

2. Winch Gate Hoist for Gate lifting

3. Screw Gate hoist for Gate lifting

4. Screw Jacks for Gate lifting

4. Hydrulic Gate lifting. 

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