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A brief history of the portal
- Dec 12, 2015 -

Gantry Crane is developed with the development of port cause. For the first time in 1890, an immutable, stationary, rotatable jib crane was mounted on a running half-seat across a narrow pier, as an early port gantry crane with the increase of pier width, gantry and half gantry cranes are developed in parallel, and the pitching boom and horizontal luffing system are generally used.

After World War II, the port Gantry Crane developed rapidly to facilitate the parallel work of multiple cranes on the same ship, generally used the rotating part of the column with the pillar-type gantry crane (Figure 1[-pillar gantry crane), or the rotating part through the large bearing and the door seat connected to the rolling bearing type supporting slewing device, In order to reduce the tail diameter of the rotating part and adopt the portal block structure which reduces the cover surface of the wharf (the projection of the main body to the ground). In the development process, the gantry crane is also gradually extended to the operating conditions and port similar to the berth and hydropower station site.

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