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aluminum electrolysis crane
- Jan 05, 2019 -

The aluminum electrolysis multi-functional Crane is a special equipment in the production of electrolytic aluminum, which is suitable for the production process requirements of large-scale electrolytic cells with 400-600kA multi-point input. The aluminum electrolysis crane developed by TX Crane works in an environment containing HF corrosive gas and alumina powder, fluoride salt, carbon ash powder, asphalt smoke, high melting salt and strong magnetic field. It has a blown electrolyte crust, replaces the anode, and adds alumina. Powder and electrolyte, aluminum lifting bag lifting and aluminum water, slag, lifting anode busbar frame auxiliary lifting anode busbar, lifting and cleaning of electrolytic cell and tank upper structure, track cleaning and soot blowing, in the factory Sporadic lifting and other functions.

The aluminum electrolysis  Crane

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