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Anti-explosion overhead crane
- Dec 25, 2018 -


Anti-explosion capacity of all the motors and electric equipment accord with GB3836.2-2000.

The Anti-explosion overhead crane has passed the experiment of the national supervision and the performances accord with JB/T5897-1991. The explosion-proof mark are ExdIIBT4, ExdIICT4.

Anti-explosion overhead crane is applicable to the workshops where the explosion-conduction is lower than 2B or 2C, Burning point is highter than T4, and is applicable to section 1 or 2 ( For more details, please check GB3836.1-2000)

This tyble is generally controlled on the gound, but can be cab-operated when needed. The work classification is interdiate.


Main Data: 

Lifting Capacity: 5t-100/30t

Max. Lifting Height:  30m

Span: 10.5-31.5m

Working Class: A5-A7(FEM2m-4m)

Explosion-proof mark: ExdIIBT4, ExdIICT4.

Steel Track Recommend: 43kg/m

Power Source: 3 phase 380V AC 50hz or as demands.


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