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Application of anti-sway technology in European crane industry
- Feb 08, 2015 -

With the increasing importance of the industrial cranes in the material handling industry, more and more industrial cranes are used in the production workshop, and the control of the swing of the hook in the process of crane operation directly affects the safety and production efficiency of the industrial cranes. In the past, the traditional industrial cranes have no automatic swing function, they are operated by operators to control the swing angle of the size, can not meet the user's efficient production and security needs. The practical significance of anti-rocking technology of European cranes.

Operation error in moving direction, rapid changes in the direction of movement, the sudden start or stop of the crane, as well as the acceleration or deceleration in the course of operation, will cause the swing of lifting hoist, to a large extent, reduce the crane efficiency, for lifting equipment and frequent handling of the handling industry, to reduce the swing time of the sling, It is urgent to improve work efficiency. In addition, the swinging of the weights will also cause great safety hazard to the operators, the working space and the crane itself. Therefore, the study of a set of industrial cranes to prevent swinging system, to achieve stable operations, smooth operation has become the crane manufacturers and research institutions concerned about hot issues. A good swing-proof system can play a good effect, can improve labor productivity, eliminate the safety hidden trouble in the production process.

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