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charging crane
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Charging crane is mainly used for adding cold materials, adding scrap steel to the electric furnace. The main difference from the casting crane is that the main lifting mechanism can ignore the working condition of the single machine, and the rated working load is the sum of the weight of the lifting box and the contents of the box.

The charging crane is equipped with a high-precision metering device at the interface to ensure the accuracy of the feeding measurement; combined with the high level of work, the redundancy is considered in the aspects of metal structure and fatigue calculation.

Double-beam double-car model, the main beam is balanced and the feeding is flexible. The two sets of lifting mechanism are set on different cars. The lifting and running mechanisms of the two cars can be linked or single-action.

Double-beam single-car model, light weight, small size and flexible feeding. Two sets of lifting mechanism are set on the same car, and the car runs on the track of two main cars.


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