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Classification of portal Blocks
- Jan 02, 2016 -

Can be divided into 3 categories by use:

① loading and unloading gantry crane: Mainly used in port and open pit, with grab or hook loading and unloading. Lifting capacity generally does not exceed 25 tons, does not vary with the amplitude. Work speed is high, so productivity is often an important indicator.

② Shipbuilding gantry Crane: Mainly used for slipway, floating dock and Yizhou installation site, the hull splicing, equipment Yizhou installation, such as hoisting work, hook as a sling. The maximum starting weight is 300 tons, and the weight decreases correspondingly when the amplitude is large. There are multiple gear lifting speed, the lifting speed can be raised when the weight is lighter. Some work agencies also have micro-actuators to meet installation requirements. The height of the portal seat can be adapted to the requirements of high lifting height and large scale operation, but the working speed is low and the operation productivity is not high.

③ Construction Installation Gantry Crane: Mainly used in hydroelectric power station for dam watering, equipment and prefabricated pieces hoisting, general use hook. The starting weight and working speed are generally between the first two types of cranes. It has the characteristics of good installation and disassembly transport, high depth of lifting, and good adaptability to temporary work and trestle work.

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