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Double Beam EOT Crane
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Double Beam EOT Crane is a widely used crane for all kinds workshop.  According to different usage, working class, evironment and other conditions, the EOT crane could designed as following Overhead Crane:

  1. Foundry Overhead Crane (Working Class: 4m/A7)

  2. Grab Overhead Crane (Working Class: 3m/A6) 

  3. Electromagnetic Overhead Crane (Working Class: 3m/A6)

  4. Explosion-proof Overhead Crane (Working Class: 1Am-3m/A3-A6)

  5. Lifting Beam Overhead Crane(Working Class: 1Am-3m/A3-A6)

  6. Double Trolley Overhead Crane (Working Class: 1Am-3m/A3-A6)

Further more, for Pickling workshop need acid corrosion lifting beam, crane and hoist, and Electrolytic aluminum workshop need specical design for the lifting beam. 

Let us know your specific demands, we will design the most suitable EOT crane for you. 


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