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electro-hydraulic grab
- Jan 09, 2019 -

DYZ electro-hydraulic multi-valve grab and DY electro-hydraulic double-valve grab are the manufacturing technology introduced by our company in Europe and America. According to the system technical data of Europe and America, Wang Yao hydraulic components are imported from Europe and America. The comprehensive electric hydraulic machinery is adopted. The technology has great grasping power and high degree of automation. It is an ideal loading and unloading tool for large ore, pig iron, scrap steel, garbage, iron powder, straw, slag and other materials. It is mainly used in steel, mining, forestry, coal mines, seaports, scrap steel acquisition, garbage disposal, bio-power generation and other industries.

The product is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, energy saving and easy to operate. It is divided into different types according to different industries and occasions and materials to be grabbed. The gripper is divided into multi-petal and two-petal. 


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