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electromagnetic beam Overhead crane
- Jan 03, 2019 -

The electromagnetic beam Overhead crane is used in the continuous rolling workshop production line to transport the pump steel plate, billet, section steel, etc. from the roller conveyor to the stacking platform, and to load or unload the vehicle in the finished product warehouse or carry out the stacking operation. The temperature of the billet to be transported is generally 650 ° C.

Widely used flexible beam cranes, the hanging beam is flexibly suspended on the hoisting wire rope or hook group. The hanging beam has two structural forms: vertical main beam and parallel main beam, which are widely used in steel mill hot and cold rolling production lines.

The rigid rigid gantry crane runs smoothly. The hoisting mechanism is provided with one or two guiding cylinders for connecting the hanging beam with the small vehicle. Due to the guiding action of the guiding cylinder, the swing of the steel rope system is reduced, and the lifting movement is more stable.

The structure is various, including: general electromagnetic hanging beam crane, (upper, middle, lower) rotary electromagnetic hanging beam crane, special electromagnetic hanging beam crane, etc., can be customized according to customer needs.


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