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Gantry Crane for hydropower station
- Dec 28, 2018 -

The gantry crane of the hydropower station is a kind of door type multi-functional crane, which mainly works on the dam crest top or tail platform of the hydropower station, and is used for the working inlet of the generator set, the accident inspection door of the sand discharge bottom, the trash rack, and the floodgate The opening and closing and handling of various types of gates, such as doors, are used for the installation of electromechanical equipment and the lifting of other equipment on the top of the dam.

The main technical features of this kind of products developed by Dalian Heavy Industry: large lifting capacity (maximum 1000t), strong overload capacity, small span (often 10-20m), high lifting height, equipped with automatic or intelligent underwater hydraulic Hanging beams can be used with various advanced electric speed control systems and PLC and network control systems.

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