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Gantry Crane System
- Feb 02, 2016 -

Most gantry cranes use a horizontal luffing system.

The center of gravity of the ① weight and the jib system has no vertical displacement in the process of amplitude change. One of the methods is to increase the lifting and lowering of the synthetic center of gravity of the jib system by adding active balance. This method is convenient to arrange, reliable and widely used. The second method is to ensure that the moving trajectory of the synthetic center of gravity is close to the horizontal line and no activity balance is heavy.

The ② can be used as compensation method and combined arm frame method to move along the trajectory near the horizontal line during the luffing process. The compensation method is to automatically take off the corresponding hoisting rope in the variable amplitude process through the special rope system to compensate the vertical displacement caused by the lifting of the boom. The combined boom method relies on the mechanism characteristic of the combined boom to ensure that the arm end moves close to the horizontal movement during the luffing process. Both methods are widely used.

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