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Light Weight bridge crane
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The new type Light Weight  bridge crane is based on the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology, guided by the modular design theory, using modern computer technology as a means to introduce optimized design and reliability design methods, using imported configuration, new materials, new A new type of crane with light weight, generalization, energy saving, maintenance-free and high-tech content. The design, manufacture and inspection of the crane are all implemented in the latest national standards, equivalent to some foreign standards such as FEM, DIN, IEC, etc. Compared with the original universal bridge crane products, the self-weight is reduced by about 15 to 30%. The maximum wheel pressure is reduced by about 10 to 35%, which can reduce the crane's requirements on the structure of the plant and save the manufacturing cost of the plant. The gearbox's core component reducer is made of hard-toothed surface and high-precision gear pair. 7

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