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Light Weight Overhead Crane
- Jan 03, 2019 -

The light weight Overhead crane has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, energy saving and low noise. It has good versatility and low price. It can be widely used in hydropower plants, equipment manufacturing plants and other industries indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, terminals and Open storage yards and other places.

The light weight Overhead crane have following features: 

1. The hoisting mechanism adopts the "four-in-one" structure and three-point support. The small frame adopts the static structure to replace the traditional statically-determined structure, which reduces the vehicle height and reduces the weight of the whole vehicle. The workshop space is fully utilized and the production efficiency is obtained. Improve and reduce customer investment.

2. The wiring of the whole machine is scientific and reasonable, the control system is completed before the factory, the construction site on site is small, and the site is “free” to install, which greatly reduces the installation and commissioning costs and cycle.

3. The modular design, through the reasonable selection of the main performance parameters and the scientific division of the module, achieves full compatibility of multi-standard and multi-configuration, and meets the user customization requirements of non-standard products.

4. Advanced design concept and intelligent design, reserved a variety of functional interfaces, with a wealth of expandable functions; at the same time to ensure reliable performance and reduce the failure rate.


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