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multi-functional crane
- Jan 07, 2019 -

The roasting multifunctional crane refers to a special crane with a vacuum material conveying system, a dust removing and cooling system, and an anode carbon block clamping device, and is a special line crane for serving the anode carbon block roasting process, that is, a special operation of the anode carbon block baking furnace. device.

The unit has the following main functions:

(1) loading furnace, the unfired anode block (green block) is charged into the roasting pit;

(2) filling the granular coke in the tank is filled between the gap between the roaster and the anode block, and covers the top;

(3) Suction material The suction material in the furnace is sucked into the silo;

(4) discharging the cooked anode block (cooked block) from the baking furnace and sending it to a conveyor belt or a designated place;

(5) Other auxiliary lifting work The auxiliary suction pipe is installed on the trolley to clean the flue and remove the dust; the 10t electric hoist is provided on the bridge to carry out the operation of the burner and the maintenance of the roaster.


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