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Overhead Crane for Steel Plant
- Apr 17, 2017 -

Steel mill cranes operate 24 hours, 7 days per week, which have strictly demands for the Crane and Accessory. Besides, the Steel Plant have Scrap Yard, Casting Workshop, Rolling Workshop, Warehouse and other Workshop. Lots of processes have different demands for the Crane. Hereby wed like to recommend our Crane and Accessory for your Steel Plant.


Casting Overhead Crane Melting Overhead Crane, Foundry Overhead Crane, Teeming Overhead Crane)

A foundry is one of the harshest industrial environments that an overhead crane can be put in. Our Casting Overhead Crane are special designed for the hot melting process, with heavy duty working class A7 (4m). We have an 8:1 design factor on ALL critical hoist components, secondary braking and motor is standard and so are class “H” motors, the highest temperature rated motors available. The max. Capacity we could produce is 500t.

 Casting Overhead Crane.jpg

Magnet Overhead Crane ( Electrical Magnetic Overhead Crane or Gantry Crane)

A lots of workshop have demands for Magnet, Such as the Scrap, Coil, Bar and Billet lifting and transfer. Generally, the magnet overhead crane are heavy duty working class A6 (3m) demands, with double brake, high standard components. According to the working environment, high temperature and general type are available.


Grab Overhead Crane (Grab bucket Overhead Crane or Gantry Crane)

The Grab Overhead Crane for Still Mill mainly for Scrap Charging yard. Our Grab Overhead Crane are heavy duty working class A6 (3m) demands, with double brake, high standard components. The Crane are work with Orange Grab. 


General Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane.

For the warehouse, maintenance or other workshop, there are demands for general type Overhead Crane or Gantry Crane. We will offer our best recommendation according to your specific demands.

Tongs Overhead Crane.jpg



Further more, according to different size, form and quantity of steel material, the lifting tools will be appropriate recommend by our engineers. Such as, C hook for Steel Coil, Tongs for Billet, Magnetic for Steel Plant or Scrap, and so on.  


We have a lot of cooperation with still plant at home and abroad, we could offer our professional advise according yo your demands. And, the high quality products and service are the base of our  rapid development.


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