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Power Plant Overhead Crane
- Jun 17, 2017 -

    The Hydro Power Plant need Overhead crane for Stator and Rotor installation and maintenance. As an important equipment for power plant, the overhead crane for power plant have advanced allocation. For precision operation, the overhead crane are controlled by Inverter. 

    Generally the lifting Mechanism of overhead crane for Power Plant are composed by main lifting and Aux. Lifting Mechanism. 

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The overhead crane for power plant have such features:

1. Low speed and Variable-frequency Drive Control

2. Heavy Capacity 

3. Light Duty (Working class A3 (FEM 1Am)

4. Main Lifting hook are W Hook. 


For hydro power plant, we have a lots of experience for Overhead Crane, Dam Gantry Crane, Winch Gate hoist and so on. 


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