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Sudway Building Crane
- Jan 07, 2019 -

According to the use requirements and process conditions of the subway construction, combined with the special door crane developed by the universal gantry crane, it is specially used to turn over the mud and lift the pipe piece during the subway construction.

The crane consists of a gantry, a trolley (equipped with a lifting mechanism, a trolley running mechanism and a hydraulic turning mechanism), a cart running mechanism, a driver's cab and electrical equipment.

According to the different direction of the soil, the structure of the legs is divided into two types: A type and U type.

The running mechanism of the cart adopts an 8-wheel 4-drive type and is equipped with a windproof rail clamp. When the crane is working normally, the clamp of the rail clamp leaves the track. When the crane stops working, the operator puts the clamp down and clamps the track. To prevent the crane from slipping.

The hoisting mechanism adopts a hanging beam as a spreader, and a freely rotatable hook is arranged in the middle of the hanging beam for lifting the pipe piece and other materials.

The trolley is provided with a hydraulic turning mechanism consisting of a hydraulic workstation and a slag hook. Before the hanging beam lifting slag bucket rises, the driver controls the hydraulic turning mechanism to move, and the hydraulic cylinder pushes the slag slag hook to retreat to a specific position, and then the slag bucket rises above the slag slag hook, and the driver controls the slag hook to advance to the slag bucket. The slag bucket descends, and the eccentric turning axis on both sides falls on the slag hook, and continues to descend, and the slag bucket starts to be inverted by the eccentricity of its own weight, thereby completing the dumping work.

In order to meet the characteristics of short construction period and frequent replacement of construction sites, our company has added a variable span function on the main beam to facilitate the change of the span after the construction site is replaced.

At the same time, the steering dump truck was developed, and the direction of the dumping was adjusted according to the position of the slag outlet. With this trolley, the construction side can configure a crane to realize the soil lifting and tipping in different slag directions.


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