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The advantages of European-style crane anti-swing technology
- May 20, 2015 -

1, stability-effectively reduce the material swing

When the material in the course of walking, due to the moving direction of the operation error, the rapid change in direction, the sudden start or stop of the crane and in the course of the operation of the acceleration or deceleration, will cause a large swing lifting hoist, to a large extent reduce the efficiency of the crane, For lifting equipment and frequent handling of the handling industry, reduce the swing time, improve the efficiency of work. This problem can be solved by the EW European crane with the function of anti rocking. In addition, the operation of EW European cranes can realize micro-speed function, micro-speed function more accurate load control, the movement of the joystick into a slow and accurate load. This intelligent feature helps the operator to more accurately control the load and improve the security of the action.

Anti-roll is not put into: Start, stop, accelerate, deceleration shaking seriously, the workpiece swing distance of about ±80cm, and need more than a long time, the workpiece can still. The hook does not lift properly. And can not be in a short period of time from the stable move to another station.

Anti-roll input: Start, stop, accelerate, deceleration shaking slight, swing distance for ±1.5cm, can according to the original requirements of the process into the lifting. 2, fast-effectively improve work efficiency

Due to the growing scale of industrial production, increasing production efficiency, as well as the increase in the proportion of material handling and handling costs in the production process, the demand for large tonnage industrial cranes is increasing. Under the demand of heavy weight, high system requirement and fast working speed, customers have put forward higher requirements for the reliability of Crane and the index of reducing energy consumption. In some industries or high frequency cargo handling, the large swing of the station crane increased the working cycle time, unable to meet the user's high frequency, high tempo production demand, increased the operating costs.

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