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Thermal Power Overhead Cranes
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Thermal Power Overhead Cranes mainly used for turbine hall, boiler and maintenance workshop.  

Turbine hall Overhead Crane are used for turbine installation and maintenance. Precise operation, remote control and cabin control are required. 

The Turbine Overhead Crane have following features: 

  1. High safety class, special design

  2. Precise operation, inverter control

  3. Large capacity

For our Turbine overhead crane have following strength:

 1. Working smooth, 

 2. Long Life Span for Crane. 

 3. Easy for maintenance and operation. 

 4. Competitive Price. 

Further more, there are other crane for thermal power plant, such as

Grab Overhead Crane for garbage or coal

KBK hoist for maintenance

Gantry Crane or Overhead Crane for Coal unloading and loading


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