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Winch hoist for Hydro Power
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Winch hoist for Hydro Power are mainly used for gate lifting. Used together with the Dam Gantry Crane, Hydraulic Gate lifting system and Overhead Crane. Different with the Dam Gantry Crane, the Winch hoist if fixed type, without the gantry frame and traveling mechanism. 

According for the gate size, weight, water pressure etc factors to choose the capacity, double lifting point or single lifting point. Generlly, the winch hoist for hydro power have following parameters: 

  1. Capacity:  50-3000KN/2*50-2*3000KN

  2. Lifting Height: 12-40m

  3. Lifting speed: 0.5-4m/min as demands

winch hoist.jpg

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