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Advanced Control Technology And High Quality Key Components To Ensure Excellent Crane Performance
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The application of frequency conversion technology makes the product of the flange gram company have better performance, the frequency conversion control of hoisting mechanism solves the common problems such as large lifting impact load, unsteady lifting braking, falling brake slip hook and so on, ensuring that the crane can start without impact, 0-speed braking and frequency conversion of the operating mechanism, Crane operation can be achieved without impact of the process of braking, multi-drive smooth synchronous acceleration and deceleration, to achieve smooth operation of cranes, but also to overcome the common crane running step-by-step braking on the crane and the structure of the impact of the vibration and the resulting crane deflection operation. Smooth mechanism will also bring related components (reducer, brakes, couplings, motors) to improve the state of stress, thereby greatly improving its working life.

Excellent key components (reducer, brake, coupling, motor) and the use of variable frequency control technology to ensure that the equipment operating noise less than 74dB, in the equipment performance greatly improved on the basis of a good improvement of the operation of the working environment and operating experience.

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