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Analysis Of Accident Cause Of Bridge Erecting Machine
- Jan 09, 2017 -

Artificial causes

Almost every accident contains human factors. In fact, if the lower construction units in strict accordance with the "Railway Subgrade Construction Code" to build a good roadbed, to ensure its quality without leaving the hidden trouble; if the paving units in strict accordance with the "railway bridge frame beam rules" construction, there will be no overturning accident. But some construction enterprise staff quality is not high, the sense of responsibility is not strong, the technical level is poor, and some unit leadership grasps the system to implement insufficiently, backseat, disorderly operation, does not follow the standardized construction production. Some of the construction staff in the construction process for the figure fast, drawing easy and illegal operation, put some necessary procedures or safety measures to be omitted, such as the number of times is not enough or even do not press the road, knowing that the quality of the roadbed is not lucky to pass.

Because the number of track laying is an important index of railway Ministry, it is also the main statistic index to measure the progress of railway construction, the construction organization design is left to the paving frame of the frame is very tense, and in the construction of subgrade construction units, bridge and tunnel construction units for various reasons often drag the duration, and the total duration of the constant even in advance, The shelf time for the rack unit is shorter. In this case, the scaffolding unit has to work overtime to make progress, to make the workers and mentally tired; for the rush period, the diagram and quick drawing is not in accordance with the rules of construction, so that the line after the track quality is poor, and to bridge the passing of the machine left hidden trouble; The chances of such an accident are greatly increased.

Subgrade and Line Reason

Poor quality of subgrade and line is the main cause of overturning of bridge erecting machine. In the new line and existing lines are more or less the existence of roadbed hidden dangers, such as graves, arc stone pits, local backfill, cast large stones or frozen blocks, water immersion, there is an undercurrent from the embankment side seepage to the other side. Each of these cases occurred at one to two times of the erection machine overturning accident. In particular, there is often a compaction between the abutment and the bridge-filled soil, which is usually a lot of accidents. Poor quality of the line, such as the curve of excessive external rail too large to cause the body tilt caused by overturning accident, the line slope uneven lead bridge machine slippery also easily caused by its forward tilt.

The reason of erecting machine

Cantilever bridge erecting machine needs to hang the beam through the bridge subgrade Alignment, the center of gravity is very high, and the axle weight is very large, it is easy to overturn. The main use of the single beam or double girder bridge-erecting machine, although more advanced than cantilever, but its structure is still not very reasonable, such as the body length, since the major, Axis, the center of gravity is still high, and its own no protective devices, once found the bridge machine tilt, there is no way, can only see its overturned.

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