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Classification Of Bridge Machines
- May 06, 2016 -

The bridge construction machinery which travels on the highway, the railroad track, uses in the whole span erection small span beam. Because of its high efficiency, it is considered as the design principle in the standard design of railway bridge in China. Its fuselage is large, exceeding the railway transport gauge, and must be disassembled and transported, and then assembled and used after arrival at the site.

China's standing bridge erecting machine has three kinds, which are used for slicing and erecting steel bars or prestressed concrete beams.

Single girder bridge erecting machine

One of the bridge construction machinery, its jib is a box-shaped beam, the forward overhang, in its front end has a folding column (composed of about two 脚杆). The machine can drive into the bridge position under no-load condition, and then straighten the front column, and support the front pier. When the beam (or whole beam) is moved along the jib, the jib is close to the simply supported beam state. When the bridge is bridged, the machine can enter the position by itself in the no-load state, and the beam must be transferred from the railway flatbed to the special beam truck by the special Gantry crane machine. The beam and the back end of the bridge-erecting machine are used to hoist the beams from the two hanging beams on the jib of the bridge erecting machine, and to move along the boom to reach the bridge position and drop the beam. In order to adapt to the curved bridge, the jib of the machine can swing in a small amount in the horizontal plane. The method of the beam position is the same as that of the double cantilever type bridge erecting machine (moving the beam or the dial path). The advantages of the machine are: To remove the balance weight, no longer need locomotive jacking, the beam does not need to bridge the fork line, mechanization, improve security can be improved. The Victory type bridge erecting machine that hangs weighs 130 tons is this kind.

Double cantilever type bridge erecting machine

One of the bridge construction machinery, the Soviet Union used earlier. When introduced in 1948, its front and rear arms are all steel beams, with 45 tons and 80 tons of lifting weight. In the 50 's, he changed his arms to a frame, lifting the weight to 130 tons.

This kind of bridge erecting machine cannot own, needs locomotive to push. The forearm is used to lift the beam, the rear arm hanging balance heavy, the front and rear arm can not swing in the horizontal plane. When bridging, it is often necessary to use a special 80-ton car to transport beam to the bridge erecting machine under the hook of the forearm (called "beam") to lift; The erection machine will hoist the beam, the shaft weight increases, and the new bridge embankment is relatively soft, therefore, the erection machine Crane Beam Lane must take reinforcement measures, such as heavy car pressure road, insert sleeper and so on.

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