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Operating Procedures For Bridge Machines
- Nov 15, 2016 -

First, the vertical operation of the bridge erection machine on both sides of the specified height requirements of the corresponding level, to maintain stability. The front, middle and rear legs have horizontal orbit requirements and strict control spacing, three tracks must be parallel.

Second, skew bridge concrete beam installation, bridge erecting machine front, middle and rear leg walking wheel position, the left and right wheel to be staggered, its spacing can be calculated according to oblique angle, so that the leg can be in the same transverse track operation (specific matters please contact with the manufacturing unit).

Third, the vertical movement of bridge erecting machine to do all the preparatory work, the requirement of a place, not allowed to stop halfway.

Four, the bridge Crane carries the concrete beam to carry on the longitudinal operation, the front leg position request uses the hand to pull the hoist (5t) and the transverse movement track tightens the fixed, strengthens the stability.

When the installation of the bridge has vertical and horizontal slopes, the longitudinal displacement of the bridge erecting machine should have the measures to prevent gliding. For example: the use of triangular iron block before and after the wheel protection, especially in the leg is very close to the beam, shift should pay attention to control.

Six, the erection machine after assembling must carry on the crane to retry the operation, also may use the concrete beam to try to hang, the bridge erecting machine again runs in place starts installs the work.

The erection machine installs the work, must pay attention to the security check frequently, each installs one hole must carry on a comprehensive security check, discovers the problem to stop the work and the timely processing can continue the operation. Mechanical electrical belt failure is not allowed.

Eight, installation operation is not allowed to overload operation, no oblique lifting operation.

The connection PIN processing material must be according to the design drawing request, may not use the low steel number processing to replace.

十、wind above strictly prohibit the operation, must use the rope to stabilize the bridge erecting machine and hoisting the crane, the bridge machine stops work to cut off the power supply, in case of accident.

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