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Overview Of European-standard Cranes
- May 21, 2018 -

European overhead crane with light weight, small structure, low energy consumption, in the bridge set up a small car and lifting mechanism, the car can be run before and after, the cart running and other institutions, the realization of material objects in the three-dimensional space handling, European-style cranes using a unique design concept, with smaller size, light weight, small wheel pressure.

Compared with the traditional cranes, the limit distance between the hook and the wall is the smallest, the clearance height is the lowest, the Ke-li Crane is more close to the front operation, the lifting height is higher, and the effective working space of the existing plant is actually increased. Because the crane has the characteristics of light weight and small wheel pressure, the new plant space can be designed with smaller and more complete functions. Smaller plants mean early-stage investment and a sizeable savings in long-term heating, air-conditioning and other maintenance costs.

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