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The Concept Of European Cranes
- Feb 02, 2018 -

European-style crane is a high-end gantry crane, the concept of European-style cranes is not a professional term, it is the domestic crane users summed up domestic cranes (originated from the Soviet Union design and manufacture technology) reliable, universal good, low price, combined with advanced European crane advanced technology, compact structure, light weight, energy saving, low noise and other characteristics, According to the characteristics of China's use of gantry crane requirements, is a clear market demand, is the middle-end gantry crane new definition.

The concept of European-style cranes is formed in the industry in recent years, and the aim is to distinguish them from the previous so-called homemade, Soviet-style, traditional cranes. Mainly include: Bridge crane, Gantry crane, cantilever crane, flexible girder cranes, explosion-proof cranes and other industrial cranes.

European-style cranes are based on the concept of lightweight and modular design in Europe, as well as advanced manufacturing processes, the structure of the whole crane is compact, smooth operation, weight reduction, height reduction, energy saving, greatly reducing the construction cost of crane running workshop and crane running cost, improving the whole machine quality and running performance of the crane. European cranes will become the trend of crane development and market demand for the mainstream.

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