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What Is The Double Girder Bridge Erecting Machine
- Aug 09, 2016 -

The red Flag type Bridge erecting machine and the Liaoyuan type bridge erecting machine belong to this kind, the hoisting weight is also 130 tons. The jib is composed of about two box girders, and the two beams penetrate the fuselage and extend to the front and rear end. At both ends there is a folding column consisting of two leg poles. The middle distance of the red flag type two beams is 3.4 meters, the Prairie fire type is 4.8 meters. Across two box girders there are two truss cars that can travel vertically along the jib. The Hanging beam trolley is placed on the truss car and can drive laterally along the truss car. To rack the beam (or the whole beam) can be directly sent to the railway flatbed bridge erecting machine behind the arm, with hanging beam trolley lifting, with the truss car move, and then to lift the trolley sideways, and then drop beam in place. The front and rear end of this kind of bridge erecting machine can hang the beam and drop the beam, change the beam direction, do not need to turn around, in order to adapt the curved frame beam, the front and rear arm can swing in the horizontal plane; The beam "also does not need a bridgehead fork line or special transport beam vehicle."

After erecting the beam, the erection machine can continue to work forward. The latter two kinds of bridge erecting machine generally can be assembled in advance assembly of the rail row in place, so that the beam work will not cause delays caused by laying.

In addition to the Standing Bridge erection machine, the construction units sometimes according to the needs of the production of a variety of temporary bridging machine. For example, in the construction of the bridge of the South Bank of the nine bridges, we have made a special erecting machine which can hoist 300 tons, and set up a ballastless prestressed concrete beam with a span of 40 meters. Some construction units are also commonly used in steel-foot-rod pieces, disassembly-type beam or military beam, such as the composition of simple bridge erecting machine, timely completion of bridging tasks.

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