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We could offer Crane Part at high quality and competitive price:

Crane Hook are usually equipped with safety latches to prevent the disengagement of lifting wire rope sling or chain. Hooks can be classified into single hook and double hooks according to the appearance. The Hooks are connected to the cranes and the weight of links, play a vital role, and must attach importance to its maintenance So if the hook hoisting height limiter or hook locking device failure or damage, the hook absolutely cannot be used. 


Crane Drum is mainly composed of the spool, the spool shaft, the gear disk over (or gear), reel hubs, bearings and bearing body composition. According different working environment the drum have different design.



Crane wheel is used to support the crane and the load, and on the track to make the crane run back and forth. Our factory produces crane wheel, that using independent research and developed new crane wheel technology , the technology increase the working life of the crane wheel and lead of China.



Coupling: All kinds coupling for crane is availability.  


Pulley: We can provide the Casting Pulley,  Forged pulley sheaves, Rolling pulley sheaves, nylon pulley sheaves for you.



All Crane accessory and lifting tools could be customized accordingly. OEM and ODM is acceptable.

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