100t Overhead Crane

100t Overhead Crane

Heavy Duty and High Efficient Suitable for any environment High safety and reliability Meet Various requirements Competitive Price

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The100t Overhead Crane

The 100t Overhead Crane is composed of box type bridge frame, lifting trolley, crane traveling mechanism, and electrical system. It is an excellent choice where high speeds and heavy service are required. As the widely used hoisting machinery currently especially is suitable for working at warehouses and freight yard and other department.

It is prohibited to use the equipment in the high temperature, combustible, explosive or corrosives environment without special design. 


 It is rely on the bridge frame along the workshop orbital direction moving longitudinal, the trolley along the main beam direction moving transverse and the hook lifting movement to work. High lifting capacity of this crane is designed with two hooks that means two independent sets of hoisting mechanism. The main hook is used to lift heavy objects while the  auxiliary used to lift light objects,the auxiliary can also be used for collaborative main hook tilting or tipping the material. However, don’t use the two hooks to lift at the same time when goods weight is over the auxiliary rated capacity.

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Hereby we list some usage of 100t Overhead crane: 

  1. Hydro Power Station, Light duty: Working class A3 (FEM1Am)

  2. Steel Plant ladle lifting, heavy duty, Working class A3 (FEM1Am)

  3. Thermal Power Plant,Medium or Heavy Duty: Working Class A5-A7 FEM 2m-4m

  4. Shipbuilding workshop: Medium or Heavy Duty: Working Class A5-A7 FEM 2m-4m 



Why Choose TX CRANE


1. We have strictly Quality Management System, With Certificate ISO90012015

2. Experience R&D team make sure we could offer best design, and skilled workers assist by professional and advanced equipment make sure the assembly and welding at good quality.

3. QC team with professional detective device to ensure every good at high quality.

4. Advance equipment, such as: Welding robot, Shot-blasting machine and so on.



1. Packing and shipping: We will offer good and suitable packing to protect the goods for long-distance transportation.

2. We have cooperation with factories at some local market to save the cost and offer timely service.

We offer spare parts at free for all of our products. Free installation guidance and turn-key project is optional.


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