Anti-explosion Crane

Anti-explosion Crane

Explosion-proof Safety and Stable, High working efficient Suitable for Any environment and requirement

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For anti-explosion Crane of all motors and electrical appliances complies with GB3836.2-2000 "Explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 2: Explosion-proof type "d"". The performance of the whole machine complies with the standard of JB/T5897-2006 "Explosion-proof bridge crane" The inspection contract for the inspection unit of the explosion-proof product designated by the state has obtained the "Explosion-proof Certificate". The explosion-proof marks are ExdIIBT4 and ExdIICT4 respectively. This product is suitable for use in a factory where the explosive capacity is not higher than IIB or IIC, and the ignition temperature group is a combustible gas of T1-T4 group or an explosive gas mixture formed by steam and air 1 Or 2 districts.


All the machanical and electric parts should be carefully designed and choosed according the environment and gas medium. 

And, the anti-explosion Crane have following features:

1. anti-explosion

2. Safety and Stable 

3. High working efficient

4. Suitable for Any environment and requirement



Further more, according to your demands and usage, the anti-explosion Crane could offer following option:

Lifting capacityton5-100
Lifting heightm1-30
 Working environment temperature°C-40~40
Cross Traveling
Length Traveling
Working Class
Control Method
Power source
As demands


Further more, for other strictly environment and requirement, we have other special crane for special working environment. Clean room overhead crane, Overhead Crane for Galvanizing workshop, Insulated Overhead Crane, Roasting multi-function crane, aluminum electrolysis multi-function overhead crane and so on.


Quality, Professional and Good service

1. Strictly Quality Management System, 

2. Experience R&D team, skilled workers and Professional QC team.

3. Advance manufacturing and detective equipment

4. All top band parts: Siemens, Flender, Tailong, Chint, Yaskawa, Schnerder and so on. 

5. Good packing

6. Timely delivery time

7. Reasonable shipment and installation service

8. Local after-sales service


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