Beam Overhead Crane

Beam Overhead Crane

Heavy Duty and High Efficient Special design for Long material Safety and easy handle Easy for Installation and maintenance

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The Beam Overhead Crane is a revised model from General Overhead Crane. The Beam Overhead Crane have two lifting mechanism with the lifting beam or magnetic which designed for safety lifting and transfer long materials, such as: Steel Sheet, Steel Bar, Billet, Pole and Roll of Paper, and widely used in Steel Mill, Paper Mill, Tubular Pile Factory and Galvanize Plant. 



Basic data for Lifting Beam Overhead Crane:

Lift capacity  t5+510+1016+1620+2030+3050+50
Working systemA6
Span   m10.5   13.5    16.5   19.5    22.5    25.5  28.5    31.5
Max. Lift height  m16m
Crab traveling39.5
Trolley traveling 92.7 /93.7
Lifting BeamAccording  to Lifting  Material 
Power supply3-phase A.C. 50HZ 380V


 Lifting Trolley is the most important mechanism of Crane, the lifting beam overhead crane have two  synchronization lifting trolley mechanism. The trolley are assembled with motor, reducer, brake, trolley frame, drum, hook, pulley, rain cover and other parts. It includes lifting mechanism and cross traveling mechanism.


Packing & Delivery terms: 

1. Hoist, trolley, wirerope, hook, electric parts spare parts and so on all small and important parts will be packed by plywood crate, for avoiding the damage from goods crash and impact during the delivery. 
2. Girders, Cabin and other Big parts will be packed by plastic woven cloth, for preventing rust from soppy condition during the transportation. 
3. Only the best transport solution will be taken for saving your cost uttermost on finance, security and time.


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