Double-beam Grab Crane

Double-beam Grab Crane

The electric double-beam grab crane is suitable for the handling of ore, limestone, mineral powder, coke, coal sand and other bulk materials in the warehouses and workshops of metallurgical, cement, chemical and other enterprises in indoor or open air and fixed spans.

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The electric double-beam grab crane can be used for loading and unloading bulk materials, which has high production efficiency and convenient operation. Widely used in ports, stations, power plants, mines, stockyards and ships. According to the type of grab, it can be divided into four rope grabs and self-powered grabs.


The grab bridge crane is mainly composed of a box bridge, a grab car, a cart running mechanism, a driver's cab and an electric control system. The take-up device is a grab that can grab bulk materials. 

The take-up device is a four-wire grab of a double reel, and the structure is simple and reliable. The grab can be opened and closed at any height. When the material particles are grabbed below 100mm, the effect is good, and the production efficiency is high. When the grab particles are 200mm dry, the toothed grab should be selected.


The following devices are available for special needs of users: 

The weighing display of the load (driver's indoor display or large screen display), and automatic printing device.

The speed control device of each mechanism can achieve a speed ratio of 1:10.

Infrared or laser anti-collision devices in both workshops.

PLC control and fault automatic monitoring display device.

The cabin is insulated and equipped with air conditioning or chillers, and an intercom is available.


Marks for enquiry or orders: 

1. The following main parameters of the crane should be determined before ordering: lifting weight, span, lifting height, working system, track type, control room type and door opening direction, grab type.

2. When used in the open air, it is required to have rainproof facilities, which should be specified in the contract. At this time, the total weight and wheel pressure of the crane will increase by about 5%.

3. There are two kinds of grab opening and closing directions, the I type is the opening and closing direction and the running direction of the cart; the type II is the opening and closing direction and the running direction of the trolley. When using Type II, it must be specified in the contract.

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