Explosion-proof Bridge Crane

Explosion-proof Bridge Crane

Explosion-proof Safety and Stable, High working efficient Suitable for Any environment and requirement

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The Explosion-proof Bridge Crane are special designed for combustible, explosive, Flammable, heavy dust working place critical to keep your employee and property safety. According to the different environment and gas medium, the explosion proof grade are divided into 4 levels. The Explosion-proof Hoist Crane are widely used for chemical, Oil, Coal and other industry. 

The Explosion-proof Bridge Crane could equiped with Grab, Magnet, Tongs and lifting beams accroding usage and materials. 

The explosion proof are achieved by both mechanical and electrical parts. All the machanical and electric parts should be carefully designed and choosed according the environment and gas medium. 


Explosion-proof double girder Bridge crane has the features of simple structure, strong rigidity; good in usability, easy to manufacture; normal speed or  frequency control, stable traveling; the explosion-proof mark is ExdⅡBT4 or ExdⅡCT4; motor and other electrical parts should be chosen according to the explosion class.



Technical data for the explosion proof Bridge crane could offered as following option:

Capacityton5-75 ton
Lifting heightm3-30m
Spanm10.5-31.5 m
Working environment°C-25℃~+40℃-60℃
SpeedMain hookm/min1.86-5
Auxiliary hookm/min4.2-5.6
Cross travelllingm/min10-20.5
Crane travellingm/min9.88-22.3
Explosion -Proof Grade
Exd Ⅱ BT4;(Exd Ⅱ CT4 )
Power source
AC 3p 380V/ 50HZ or on request


Quality, Professional and Good service

1. Strictly Quality Management System, 

2. Experience R&D team, skilled workers and Professional QC team.

3. Advance manufacturing and detective equipment

4. All top band parts: Siemens, Flender, Tailong, Chint, Yaskawa, Schnerder and so on. 

5. Good packing

6. Timely delivery time

7. Reasonable shipment and installation service

8. Local after-sales service


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