Explosion-proof Hoist Crane

Explosion-proof Hoist Crane

Explosion-proof Safety and Stable, High working efficient Suitable for Any environment and requirement

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For different gas and environment, the Explosion-proof Hoist Crane is are divided into explosion proof Grade 1, 2 and 3; Division 1 and 2; Groups C, D, E, F, and G.

The Explosion-proof Hoist is modular design with features reliability and durability and enables easy maintenance. All components of the hoist are carefully designed and manufactured to suit the targeted hazardous zones so that the product is manufactured to suit project specifications with an array of extra features available to further improve the hoist performance, reliability, and safety. 


And, the explosion proof crane have following features:

1. explosion proof 

2. Safety and Stable 

3. High working efficient

4. Suitable for Any environment and requirement


 Basic technical data for Explosion-proof Hoist Crane:

  • Lifting Capacity:5-100t

  • Span Length: 10.5-31.5m

  • Lifting Height: 12-18m

  • Lifting Speed: 4.2-5.6m/min

  • Crab Speed: 13-20.5m/min

  • Trolley Speed:14.5-19m/min

  • Working Class: A3-A6


We could offer other special designed crane for special working environment. 

1. Clean room overhead crane, 

2. Overhead Crane for Galvanizing workshop, 

3. Insulated Overhead Crane, 

4. Roasting multi-function crane,

5. Aluminum electrolysis multi-function overhead crane and so on.

5.jpg 5t Overhead Crane


1. Hoist, lectric parts, small parts, Spare parts are packed by damp proof wooden case to protect from damage caused by humidity and corrosion;
2. Main Girder, End Carriage and other big parts are packed by plastic cloth or as your requirements.


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