Garbage Grab Overhead Crane

Garbage Grab Overhead Crane

Heavy Duty and High Efficient High safety and reliability Competitive quality and price With All Kinds Grab to Grab All Kinds Material

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The electric overhead travelling grab crane is with a garbage grab, which is an import equipment in city waste incineration plant. It is installed over the garbage pit for garbage charging, transport, mixing and weighing. This garbage disposal crane can be manual, semi-auto and fully auto type.  


Garbage Grab Overhead Crane features:

1. Suitable for harsh working conditions: high temperature, Humidity, more Dust and Gas corrosive.

2. Heavy duty and efficiency: average 8,000h working time per year, High load rate, high work frequency.

3. Auto or Semi-auto control: reliable work, less failed, guarantee smooth production. 


Semi-Auto Type: 

The grab operation is manual control, and the auto controlled part includes the moving to charging port, weighing and charging.


Fully-Auto Type: 

Once the crane receiving the charging signal from the charge port, the crane starts to do every move automatically, moving to the garbage, lower the grab, grabbing the waste, lifting the waste, moving to the charging port, weighing, charging, and returning the position. It will repeat the same motion automatically.


Garbage Grab: us Orange Peel Grabs

The mechnical orange peel grabs lifting, open and close are controlled by the hoist trolley. 

The hydr orange peel grabsgrab has its own hydraulic system, all key elements are imported well-known brands to ensure high performance of grab. It is simple in structure, easy operation. 


Main technical data of garbage grab overhead crane:


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