Heat-engine Plant Overhead Crane

Heat-engine Plant Overhead Crane

Precision Operation Heavy Duty and High Efficient Suitable for any environment Competitive quality and price

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For Heat engine plant, Overhead Crane are widely used for the installation, check and Maintenance of Stator, Rotator and Turbine, which have demands for precision operation, so, generally the overhead crane are controlled by Inverter. Even the working class of Overhead crane for Hydro power station and heat engine plant is 1Am, but the overhead crane have large capacity and high lift. The design and manufacture have strict demands.


The Heat-engine Plant Overhead Crane have following features:

1. Durable performance and High efficiency

2. Suitable for any environment ( High Temperature, Explosion Proof and so on)

3. High safety and reliability 

4. Competitive quality and price

5. Long service life with a low-maintenance


Inverter and PLC control, could make the overhead crane have steady and precise operation, easy for installation, check and maintenance of stator, Rotator and Turbine. 

Both the cross traveling and length traveling use high quality gearmotor, recuder the dead weight, enlarge the efficiency. 

Technical data for Heat-engine plant overhead Crane:

Lifting capacity(t)50/1075/20-100/20125/32-250/50300/40-350/75400/80-450/80
Span(m)10.5-31.513.5-31.513-3117, 2221, 20.8
Crane traveling speed (m/min)

Travesing speed (m/min)
Lifting speed (m/min)
Aux hook4.78-15.6
Lifting Height (m)Main hook12,16,20,22,24,25,28,30,32
Aux hook14,16,18,22,26,30,32,33,40
Working classA5-A7 (FEM 2m-4m)
Power380V 50Hz three-phase


 Quality, Professional and Good service

1. Strictly Quality Management System, 

2. Experience R&D team, skilled workers and Professional QC team.

3. Advance manufacturing and detective equipment

4. All top band parts: Siemens, Flender, Tailong, Chint, Yaskawa, Schnerder and so on. 

5. Good packing

6. Timely delivery time

7. Reasonable shipment and installation service

8. Local after-sales service


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