Insulated Overhead Crane

Insulated Overhead Crane

High-Insulate Safety and Stable, High working efficient Competitive Price and High Quality

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 Insulated Overhead cranes are suitable for smelting workshops such as non-ferrous metal electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead and zinc. Due to the DC current in the ground equipment in the workshop, in order to prevent the current threat the driver, worker and equipment safety during the working process, and the appropriate parts of the insulated crane have set insulation device, such as hook, trolley wheel, crane wheel, cabin and so on. 

3 arrangement of insulation to ensure safety:

1. Hook and Pulley

2. Lifting Mechanism and Trolley Frame,

3. Trolley and Crane

Each insulation is at a normal temperature (temperature 20-40 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 80%), the resistance value is not less than 1 MΩ


And, the insulated overhead crane have following features:

1. High-Insulate

2. Safety and Stable 

3. High working efficient


 Further more, according to your demands and usage, the  Insulated Overhead crane could offer following option:

1. Capacity: 5t-100t

2. Span: 5-30m

3. Working Class: A3-A6 (FEM 1Am-3m)

4. Lifting Speed and Traveling Speed (As you demands)

5. Control Method: Pendent, Remote and Cabin Control



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