Power Plant Overhead Crane

Power Plant Overhead Crane

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Both the hydro power plant and Heat-engine plant need Overhead crane to install, check and maintenance the 

Stator and Rotator, Steam turbine generator or other machines. 

For Hydro Power Station,we provide cranes with different lifting capacity for hydroelectric power stations, including up to 500 tons of cranes, as well as 5 to 40 tons of portal cranes suitable for maintenance and workshop use. Max. 300t fixed winch hoist and 2*150t gate lifting gantry crane. 


For Heat engine plant,  we could offer Cranes in thermal power plants, such as turbine room crane, boiler room crane and hoist, maintenance/workshop crane and hoist, etc.



Inverter and PLC control, could make the overhead crane have steady and precise operation, easy for installation, check and maintenance of stator, Rotator and Turbine. 

Both the cross traveling and length traveling use high quality gearmotor, recuder the dead weight, enlarge the efficiency. 


We could offer all kinds crane and hoist for power plants, one stop service give you all your requirements. 

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