Quenching Overhead Crane

Quenching Overhead Crane

The Quenching Overhead Crane is a bridge crane used in the vertical well quenching heat treatment process and has a rapid drop and emergency release function in an accident state. It is a special lifting device arranged in the heat treatment plant. Usually a double beam single trolley structure is used.

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Quenching Overhead Crane

The quenching overhead crane is a special lifting machine used in the metal heat treatment vertical well quenching process for quenching large workpieces or slender parts. Quickly immersed in quenching liquid. Quenching cranes are mainly used in the quenching process of cooling medium for brine, water and mineral oil. 

Tongs Overhead Crane

According to the quenching process requirements, the hot workpiece needs to be quickly immersed in the quenching tank to ensure uniform metallurgical structure on the upper and lower parts of the workpiece, and to avoid fire on the oil surface during oil quenching. Its most notable feature is that the hoisting mechanism has a fast-decreasing link, requiring rapid descent and accurate positioning of the brake. 


Specification range of quenching overhead crane :

Lifting weight: 10t~70t

Span: 20m~34m

Lifting height: 15m~36m

Lifting/decreasing speed: 20m/min~46m/min


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