Steel Factory Overhead Crane

Steel Factory Overhead Crane

Heavy Duty and High Efficient High safety and reliability Competitive price Application for High Temperature and Dust Environment

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Steel factory operate 24 hours, 7 days per week, which have strictly demands for the Crane and Accessory. Besides, the Steel Plant have Scrap Yard, Casting Workshop, Rolling Workshop, Warehouse and other Workshop. Lots of processes have different demands for the Crane. Hereby we’d like to recommend our Crane and Accessory for your Steel Plant. 


Casting cranes are the main equipment in the steelmaking and continuous casting process, mainly used for lifting and transporting liquid steel ladle. From the overall structure can be divided into: double beam double track, four beam four track, four beam six track and other types. The first two are generally used for medium and large tonnage casting cranes, and the third is generally used for extra large tonnage casting cranes. The casting crane designed and manufactured by our company has the characteristics of advanced technology, novel structure, safety and reliability, economy and durability, and simple maintenance. In addition, our company's casting cranes have rotatable spreaders; the gantry hook and hook distance is variable; the load weighing and display functions are available for customers to choose.


Magnet Overhead Crane ( Electrical Magnetic Overhead Crane)

A lots of workshop have demands for Magnet, Such as the Scrap, Coil, Bar and Billet lifting and transfer. Generally, the magnet overhead crane are heavy duty working class A6 (3m) demands, with double brake, high standard components. According to the working environment, high temperature and general type are available.


Clamps Overhead Crane (Tongs Overhead Crane)

Clamp Bridge cranes (also known as slab handling cranes) are special equipment for handling slabs, especially high temperature slabs, used to transport high temperature slabs to the billet storage, heating furnace or in the finished product warehouse at the continuous casting and blanking production line. Slabs, for stacking, loading and unloading vehicles, lifting slabs or blooms with a thickness of 150mm or more, the temperature can be above 650 degrees.

Tongs Overhead Crane

Quenching crane

The quenching crane is a bridge crane used in the vertical well quenching heat treatment process and has a rapid drop and emergency release function in an accident state. It is a special lifting device arranged in the heat treatment plant. Usually a double beam single trolley structure is used.


All kinds overhead crane, gantry crane or other lifting equipments for steel factory can designed as your demands. Max. Capacity to 450t. 

Packing & Delivery terms: 
1. Hoist, trolley, wirerope, hook, electric parts spare parts and so on all small and important parts will be packed by plywood crate, for avoiding the
damage from goods crash and impact during the delivery. 
2. Girders, Cabin and other Big parts will be packed by plastic woven cloth, for preventing rust from soppy condition during the transportation. 
3. Only the best transport solution will be taken for saving your cost uttermost on finance, security and time.


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