Turbine Overhead Crane

Turbine Overhead Crane

Precision Operation Heavy Duty and High Efficient Suitable for any environment Competitive quality and price

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All the hydro power plant and Heat-engine plant need Overhead crane to install, check and maintenance the 

stator and rotator, steam turbine generator or other machines. 

The Turbine Overhead Crane have strictly demands for precision operation, so, the turbine overhead crane are controlled by Inverter, as demands, we could add PLC control. Even the working class of Overhead crane for Hydro power station and heat engine plant is 1Am, but the overhead crane have large capacity and high lift. The design and manufacture have strict demands.


The Power Plant Overhead Crane have following features:

1. Large capacity, High Lifting

2. Light duty working class

3. High safety and reliability 

4. Competitive quality and price

5. Inverter and PLC control, steady and precise operation


Both the cross traveling and length traveling use high quality gearmotor replace the Motor, Gearbox and Brake, which have following advantages: 

1. Recuder the dead weight, enlarge the efficiency. 

2. Easy for installation and maintenance,

3. Compact structure, Save shipping cost. 


We offer following full safety device for turbine overhead crane, including but not only following devices:

1. Overload Limit Switch

2. Rubber Buffers

3. Electric Protective Devices

4. Emergency Stop System

5. Voltage Lower Protection Function

6. Current Overload Protection System

7. Anti-collision

8. Lifting Height Limit Device


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1.    Basic information required for quotation:

A: Lift capacity     B: Span     C: Lift height     D: Working class     E: Usage and working environments    F: Other requirements             The more detailed, the better!

2.    Packing and shipment

A. Main beam, end carriage and other Big Parts are packed by plastic woven cloth, 

B. Electric Parts, Hoist and other small parts are packed by strong plywood crate.

C. According to different size, we will choose Container, Flat Rack or ship in Bulk to save cost and protect the goods.

D. Delivery port, Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin for choice

3.    Installation

A: We  offer Installation and use manual, customer can install as the manual.

B: We could send our engineers for installation, commissioning and training at site.

C: Our copperated partner at local market can offer fast service. 

4.    Warranty

A.  15months warranty

B.  Free Spare Parts ship together with goods.

C.  Parts will offer in free during warranty. 



The Hydro Power plant may have demands for Dam Gantry crane, Winch Gate hoist, Hydaulic Gate Hoist and other lifting machine. 

For the Heat-engine plant may have demands for KBK hoist, explosion-proof hoist and crane, Grab Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane and so on. 

We could offer professional design for you. 

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