Hydraulic Grab

Hydraulic Grab

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Grab Bucket are widely used to grab materials on the Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Portal Crane, Truck Crane and so on. And the Grab have vairous design for different usage and materials. 


Multivalve grab bucket: It is composed of three or more than three jaw plate and applicable to all kinds of harsh environment efficient iron scrap engaged in large block materials and rubbish loading and unloading, has widely used in the ports, railway, metallurgy, mining, building etc, its structure is divided into single cable, double cable, four cable and Electric hydrualic type. Multiple jaw can respectively closed according to the material’s shape and size, multiple jaw quantity can be according to grab materials and users need to design four disc to eight disc. The Orange Peel Grab are common used crane grab. 


Clamshell grab bucket: It is composed of two full buckets and widely used for port, dock, station freight yard, mines etc site to loading all kinds of bulk cargo, minerals, coal, sand, stone and so on, can also be used for rock excavation, foundation trench excavation, and highway construction, track laying engineering etc. 

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Hydraulic Grab 

The electric hydraulic grab adopts electric and hydraulic mechanical techniques for large grabbing forces and high automation;and the product is an ideal and unload tool for large meterials. 

Application of hydraulic grab: Sand, Coal, Woods, Scraps, Garbage and and so on. The Hydraulic Grab are have Clamshell grab bucket, Orange Peel Grab, Grab for Woods or Pipes ect. 

The hydraulic grab could use on general Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane and truck Crane. The oil station could on the grab or crane. 


You need professional advise, design,manufacture and shipping for the Grab bucket. Please kindly contact us freely now. 

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