Hydro Power Station Overhead Crane

Hydro Power Station Overhead Crane

Precision Operation Heavy Duty and High Efficient Suitable for any environment Competitive quality and price

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Hydro Power Station Overhead Crane namely overhead crane for hydropower station used, which are widely used for the installation and maintenance of Wicket Gates, Large Shaft, Runner Chamber, Stator, Rotator and so on, This overhead crane have demands for precision operation, generally the all motions of overhead crane are controlled by Inverter. 


Hydro Power Station Overhead Crane have following features:

1. Large Capacity 

2. High Lift and precision operation

3. High safety and reliability 

4. Competitive quality and price 


The hoist trolley are key part on Overhead Crane and Gantry crane. The hoist trolley are assembled with motor, reducer, lebrake, trolley frame, drum, hook, pulley, rain cover and other parts. Generally the main Hook is W Hook. 

There are full field of view Cabin suspend under the main girder, there are joint control desk or single control box packed within the Cabin, assemble the sidelong ladder between the Cabin and moving table, The main girder joint with the two side end carriage which with the joint point in the middle.

The electric parts adopts inverter and PCL control lnverter and PLC Control to realiz the semi-automation or full automation, which could Less the errors and improve the reliability and safety. 


Main Techinical data for Hydro Power Station Overhead Crane:

Lifting capacity(t)32/5-50/1075/20-100/20125/32-250/50300/40-350/75400/80-450/80
Span(m)10.5-31.513.5-31.513-3117, 2221, 20.8
Crane traveling Speed   (m/min)17.7-91.9
Lifting speed   (m/min)Main hook0.3-3m/min0.1-1m/min
Aux hook0.7-7m/min
Lifting Height (m)Main hook12-38
Aux hook14-40
Travesing speed (m/min)
Working classA3 (FEM1Am)
Power380V 50Hz three-phase or as demands


We could all kinds lifting equipment for hydro power station. Such as, Dam gantry Crane and Winch hoist for Gatw lifting, Portal Crane for Dam building and garbage clean, ect. 

As a professional manufacturer, we could offer best design and recommendation for your projects. 



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