Hydropower Station Overhead Crane

Hydropower Station Overhead Crane

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Hydropower Station Overhead Crane

It is widely used for the installation and maintenance of Wicket Gates, Large Shaft, Runner Chamber, Stator, Rotator and so on. As a maintenance overhead crane, the hydropower station overhead crane are rarely used after all the goods installed. So, It's a kind of light duty Overhead Crane, but as the key lifting equipment in hydro power station, the desgin standard are higher than other kinds crane. Meanwhile, this overhead crane need inverter control for precision operation. 


Hydropower Station Overhead Crane features:

1. Large Capacity and High Lift

2. Inverter Control and precision operation

3. High safety and reliability 

4. Easy for Installation and maintenance

5. Long Life Span: 30-50years


Hydropower Station Overhead Crane Techinical data:

Lifting capacity(t)32/5-250/50300/40-500/100t+32t(Hoist)
Span(m)10.5-31.513.5-31.513-3117, 2221, 20.8
Crane traveling Speed   (m/min)17.7-91.9
Lifting speed   (m/min)Main hook0.3-3m/min0.1-1m/min
Aux hook0.7-7m/min
Lifting Height (m)Main hook12-38
Aux hook14-40
Travesing speed (m/min)
Working classA3 (FEM1Am)
Power Source

3Phase 380V 50Hz  or as demands


We offer full set Safety Device for our overhead crane:

No.Safety MeasuresFoundation
1Loss of phase /voltageprotectionWhen the voltage/phase is too low, the electricity will disconnect
2Over Voltage/over current protectionWhen the voltage/phase is too big, the electricity will disconnect
3Overload Limit SwitchWhen the lift capacity is more than the max rated lift capacity, the electricity will disconnect, crane will stop work
4Weight limitSupervise the decrease of hook. There is a limit height. The hook cannot fall any more if reach this limit
5Fire limitSupervise the up and down limit position of Hook. Avoid the over increase and over decrease, protect hoist
6Crane Travel Limit SwitchSupervise the travel of crane, and stop crane travel more than rated travel distance. Keep Safe


Quality, Professional and Good service

1. Strictly Quality Management System, 

2. Experience R&D team, skilled workers and Professional QC team.

3. Advance manufacturing and detective equipment

4. All top band parts: Siemens, Flender, Tailong, Chint, Yaskawa, Schnerder and so on. 

5. Good packing

6. Timely delivery time

7. Reasonable shipment and installation service

8. Local after-sales service


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